Meet me in Montauk

I am out of practice with writing. I have a million things to say about how I’ve found myself in an apartment in Brooklyn, spending the last few days in the USA with my two dearest friends before leaving for time abroad. I think I’ll unpack each idea in a separate post as the visuals come to me. I find it pretty difficult to write down things as they happen. So this is how it all started – a plan to drive from Okemos, Michigan to New York City with my best friend and constant travel companion, DJ.

After a rough snow storm in Pennsylvania, delicious perogies in Milton, and a brave attempt at NYC traffic, we made it.


Teaming up with our other one-third, we set off for Montauk to fulfill our yearly tradition of taking a retreat together. Check out my obsessive need to star on the map everything I get recommended, visit, or desire to see.


We celebrated our four year anniversary of making time for each other. Each year, there’s always something that could complicate our planning, but we make it work. Cheers, friends.


Being on the beach in the winter is a strange feeling. It’s so cold, yet so beautiful. I loved this day.



Saturday morning I said goodbye to DJ as she drove back to Michigan, and felt the same sadness set in on Sunday evening as I hugged Michael one last time before heading out for the train to JFK airport. I know five months is not forever and this next chunk of time is going to be exciting, I know I know! I’m still sad and missing my other parts to my whole.


One thought on “Meet me in Montauk

  1. Your way with words comes so naturally. Our NY trip remained a terrific (spectacular, emotional, fitting?) start/end to your exciting travels abroad. Cannot wait to follow you on this journey! Thinking of you, with lots and lots of love.
    -Your “excited/worried/splendidly missing-you” Best Friend


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