‘Mai Ped’: Food in Thailand

One of my few basic handy Thai phrases I learned helped save my taste buds from being scorched off most meals. ‘Mai ped!’, or ‘not spicy!’, is crucial for those like me not used to the heat in cooking Thais seem to be immune to. I felt like I had a pretty high heat tolerance, oh how I was wrong!

Despite the intense spice level at times, I had some incredible meals in Bangkok and Pattaya City with Nath and his parents. I think I was most surprised to learn how much of Thai cuisine is seafood-focused, and that my favorite dish of tofu peanut curry is not really Thai (or available anywhere) at all!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any delicious southern Thai cuisine photos from my time in the southern islands because I didn’t consume much food – 2 days of food poisoning helped my budget recover but put a halt to my adventures in eating. I’m not sure what exactly caused the GI distress, but I’ve heard it’s basically a rite of passage into extended travels in SE Asia to experience some sort of food poisoning. Here’s hoping it’s the last time I have to experience it.

I labeled as many photos as I could with Location (Restaurant name): Food Item. If you know the names of the dishes, help me out and comment below!


5 thoughts on “‘Mai Ped’: Food in Thailand

    1. Hey Kari! It was an awesome restaurant- part of the restaurant profits go to supporting family planning services in Thailand and promoting a better understanding and acceptance of family planning. The place was decorated with condoms and I got a free rubber with my check!

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